Courtyard Garden


This courtyard garden set in Lorne, makes use of the sloping block to create an inviting courtyard and bird attracting garden.  As you walk through you feel calmed and cooled by the gentle sea breeze, as the house protects this courtyard from the onshore winds.  This premium garden was installed by our professional landscape garden team, allowing for site drainage and privacy from the street and neighbours.

Customer testimony:

“Ocean Road Landscaping did a wonderful job building our garden at Lorne, and now keep the garden in wonderful condition as it establishes and grows through their garden maintenance program.”

– Glynn

Extra information

Design by Kate Seddon Landscape Design

Court yard garden


Our team of 15 Landscape Architects, Landscape professionals and Horticulturists, can assist you when it comes to courtyard gardens, drainage to deliver a premium product.

If you would like a courtyard garden designed or need a landscape contractor to implement your courtyard garden then contact our office on 03 5263 3133 or use our Contact Us page