Ocean Road Landscaping is expanding our team and is a choice employer offering employment opportunities for growth, challenge and self-development. We pride ourselves on professionalism and premium work standards.  The greatest employment attributes in our team is willing attitude followed by skill.  Being a self-starter and motivated is also something we value.  Being passionate about landscape is another drive we look for in when considering new people.  Follow the tips in this link if you are wanting employment in the landscape gardening industry

Working as a landscaper on the Surf Coast is a fantastic lifestyle choice.  At Ocean Road Landscaping we get to work in some fantastic locations for some fantastic people, in among a really friendly team.  We aim to build gardens that are different, sustainable and beautiful to a high quality standard.  We believe in the whole team being involved in the whole process.

This is part of the reason are in the Geelong Business Awards Hall of Fame and also 3 Landscape Victoria awards.

Garden Maintenance role

Ocean Road Landscaping is looking for an maintenance gardener  to undertake general garden tasks like mowing and edging, tree work, shrub pruning, spraying and weeding.  You will also have an influence on the shape and design of the garden by being able to see the whole picture and work one step ahead of the needs of the garden.  Being a true gardening service it’s all about the details and having an eye for the many small parts.  Plants will play a key part on in all gardens and a lot of the garden work will be about plant health, care and replacement. Working in a team environment you will contribute to the success of some amazing gardens.

Full details for this gardening position, please see following link Maintenance Gardener 2019

Highly Skilled Construction Landscaper

We are after a highly skilled construction landscaper who has good leadership capacity to lead other employees and job management.  This is a hands-on position building gardens, leading staff and working with clients and the ORL team. Our work involves hard landscapes such as paving, stone work, rock work and timber structure. Earth works, shaping, soft landscapes, planting, irrigation, natural rock placement, and natural landscape influencing.  The role will also have you involved in design work and problem solving.

Please read full job description for more details Landscape Construction- highly skilled Job Description

Irrigation Manager

We would like to establish a role for an irrigation specialist. This person will become responsible for managing maintaining and installing irrigation systems with the help of our team and specialist suppliers.  The successful candidate will have a high understanding of designing and installing irrigation systems.  They will also be able to troubleshoot problems and understand the ongoing maintenance of an irrigation system. Particularly in regards to in-line drip systems we predominantly use.  The other area of particular skill will be the implementation of Hydrawise Wi-Fi-based irrigation controllers.  This particular aspect may be learnt through training and on-the-job experience.  The applicant will have a sound knowledge of web-based applications and be able to adapt to use them successfully. Click on this link for more details Irrigation Manager Job Description

Entering the landscape industry

Ocean Road Landscaping will often take on people looking to re-career into the horticulture or landscape industry. This is an exciting opportunity and the main thing we will be looking for is the right attitude and willingness having a passion for horticulture landscaping gardening is definitely a good start.  You are welcome to send in your details if you would like to enter the industry telling us much about yourself as you can and why you think you would be a good candidate when the opportunity does come up.

What does a Landscaper do? What is involved? Join Mick in this clip

below about working in Landscape Design & Construction- Geelong & Surf Coast and dealing with customers and why he loves the variety of the skills in the landscape trade, from the environment we live in, to working with a great team.

Carolyn expresses our passion for gardens, join her in this little clip below.



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