modern garden


This modern garden landscape is low key and simple.  It is needs minimal garden maintenance which fit the brief perfectly.  The paving is a high quality tight blue stone crazy pave used in patches through out this small modern garden.  Timber seating is used to create a room in this garden setting, and is great to invite friends out to socialise or for the children to set up a play space.

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Courtyard Garden


This courtyard garden set in Lorne, makes use of the sloping block to create an inviting courtyard and bird attracting garden.  As you walk through you feel calmed and cooled by the gentle sea breeze, as the house protects this courtyard from the onshore winds.  This premium garden was installed by our professional landscape garden team, allowing for site drainage and privacy from the street and neighbours.

Customer testimony:

“Ocean Road Landscaping did a wonderful job building our garden at Lorne, and now keep the garden in wonderful condition as it establishes and grows through their garden maintenance program.”

– Glynn

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mindful gardening

When someone asks me what’s the best first step to take in the garden, I say, put a plan together. And that makes sense because a master plan, pinned to the back of the laundry door, will help make the garden develop the way you want it to. Whether your projects are big – a new drive, deck, pergola, pool – or small – renovating a garden bed, planting some trees – your master plan will keep things ticking along very nicely. That’s the logical approach and it’s my professional approach… but there’s also another way to garden, I call it mindful gardening.

It’s what happens sometimes when you head outside with a job in mind, but somehow a subconscious thought creeps in. And this is the moment when I say, go with your subconscious, because gardening is also about not forcing things. There are times when it’s about not having a plan.

Mindful gardening - landscape gardening

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gardening for busy people

gardening for busy people 

As written featured in Geelong and Surf Coast Living magazine 2015-by Peter Shaw

Like anything worth achieving in life, gardening is something that takes discipline, it’s easy to be distracted and simply not get started, which makes it hard to schedule in gardening for busy people. It’s also easy to just dream about all the things that will get done and if you are busy, a lot of what you think will happen, simply won’t come to fruition without some hard work and sacrifice.  If you enjoy gardening and the satisfaction it brings by being personally involved you will know what I am talking about.  Making time to do what you enjoy is half the battle, like training for a big run or ride the hardest work starts when the alarm rings at 5 am.Continue Reading

child friendly garden

by Peter Shaw of Ocean Road Landscaping

We recently opened our own garden to the public through Open Gardens Australia and watched to see what people gravitated to. The answer was unexpected and it’s made me think a lot more about the relationship between children and natural spaces. Visitors, adults and children alike – were attracted to the bits specifically incorporated for our kids’ sake in our child friendly garden. If you’re like us, keen to encourage natural play rather than hours spent indoors in front of a screen, then you might find the following helpful. It’s what we’ve done, and done cheaply, and it seems to be working.Continue Reading

Open Gardens event

Sunnymeade garden is open on the 24th & 25th January 2015 in the Open Gardens Australia program.

Gravel tracks lead through a field of native grasses to an open lawn and shrubs sheltering beneath local stringybarks. Some beautiful stone walls soften the level changes around the house. Emu bushes have been clipped into ball shapes, while garden beds are filled with tough Australian natives. There are also plantings of vegetables and a Moonah forest as well as grass sculptured effects on the lawn.Continue Reading

Landscape Victoria Awards

Landscape Victoria Award Winner

ORL- Winner of TWO awards

In a very competitive market, landscapers across Victoria present their gardens to be judged on design, installation, construction and finish.  Ocean Road Landscaping has won 2 awards at the prestigious Landscape Victoria Award held at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne on Saturday 18th October. The first awards for the night was for Anglesea’s Sunnymeade Garden which won “Plants In the Landscape”.  Judges comments on the night were as follows:Continue Reading

therapeutic gardening

Therapeutic gardening

Bees are natural at therapeutic gardening!

by Peter Shaw of Ocean Road Landscaping

Winter does a good job of making us appreciate spring: in other words, spring is so much better because of winter. We’ve all been cold, wet and miserable; we’ve all suffered from a lack of sunlight. Then suddenly the air warms up a bit, the sun stays out a little bit longer and the garden starts to grow. And we’re not the only ones to notice. Look around and you’ll see the bees and insects are active, the birdsong shifts. The whole world seems to come to life in springtime and it’s been made more dramatic and special because of the dullness of winter.  This is where therapeutic gardening comes in

Here’s a personal garden project that’s a little out there, and spring is a good season to introduce it. If you’re more of a mow-the-go type of gardener and not the sort of person who potters around and takes breaks along the way to smell the roses, bear with me because I believe there really is something in this…Continue Reading

Geelong Business Excellence Awards 2014

Last Thursday 17 July 2014 at the Geelong Business Excellence Awards, Ocean Road Landscaping was announced a winner at the annual awards.

We are thrilled with our win, and would like to thank all involved for their support.  A special thanks to all our customers and our team for your positive feedback and continued support of our small business.  The award was for the category -Human Resources.

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Landscape professionals

As landscape professionals, in Landscape Design, Landscape Construction and Garden Maintenance, we are also backed by all the necessary insurances required as leaders in the industry.

We believe in Safe Work Methods, Quality Control and quality products matched with landscape professionals will ensure a quality and premium outcome to you landscape.

We are fully insured with the following insurance policy’s:

  • Public Liability to $20,000,000
  • Professional Indemnity to $1,000,000
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Contract Works Insurance
  • Work Cover  Insurance

As well as being a:

Ensure your Landscape Professional is a Registered Building Practitioner

Ensure your Landscape Professional is a Registered Building Practitioner

Registered Building Practitioner DB-L  38079- Limitation: Structural landscaping


Landscape Victoria Member Landscape Victoria Website Member since 2003 


Geelong Business Excellence Awards-Hall of Fame

As a business, we have also been inducted into the Geelong Chamber of Commerce’s Hall of Fame for the Geelong Business Excellence Awards.


For all your landscape professional needs use our Contact Us page, or call our friendly team at 03 5263 3133