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Our team

Ocean Road Landscaping has a great team of Landscape Architects and Garden designers, an awesome Landscape Construction Team as well as a Garden Maintenance team

There’s a great team working at Ocean Road Landscaping – a hand picked collection of people with the skills needed to produce the results everyone’s expecting.

On the maintenance side of the business, two crews cover an on-going schedule of works. A familiar face arrives each time, so that not only does the team become familiar with the garden, but there’s an opportunity for a relationship with the owner to form. And as we know, working together with the client is a brilliant way to bring a garden together.

As for our landscape projects, the process is lead by Peter Shaw but it is very much a team affair. Design of the hard landscaping is shared with two others; the planting design is a collaboration with Ocean Road Landscaping’s nursery manager; and there are two construction teams that put the gardens in place.

To make the most of the collective skill set across both construction and maintenance areas of the business, flexibility is built in. Teams shuffle their members: to make sure there’s always some-one on hand who is familiar with what’s going one; to give team members the opportunity to learn from each other. After all, it’s a great idea for maintenance and construction teams to see things from each other’s perspective.

And from Simone Shaw’s perspective – at the center in the office – one thing is very obvious. Much of what Peter and Simone value in their business couldn’t be sustained if the people working alongside them didn’t care about what they do, and enjoy doing it.